Effective & Powerful Speech

Using the English Language (the business language of the international business community) in a powerful, dynamic and effective way, to produce WIN – WIN results for your company and your clients.

Choosing the right words, for the right situation,is not just speaking but is an art…. the ‘Art of Communication’.
This is of course a relevant point in which ever language we speak. In one’s native/mother tongue how we speak how we deliver our intended message is as important as THE WORDS we say, if not at times more important!

It’s not what we say but the way we say it. And so it is with the English language. There is a vast vocabulary, so many styles of intonation and mood that can accompany the words, expressions and phrases used to harness the greatest most accurate form of delivery and purpose of the desired communication. That ensures the most harmonious and successful dialogue….whatever the situation.

So advanced speakers of the English language everywhere and those who aspire to be as fluent as possible, explore with me the English language and learn more powerful, inspiring and effective ways of communicating in English.

English Language Reference:Negotiations- The Language of Diplomacy.

In this blog we are looking at the language of diplomacy. When negotiating, diplomacy and polite language are  key tools in keeping the negotiation both, polite, and professional. Your choice of language can have a powerful effect on the outcome of a negotiation. For example, compare the following: We reject your offer.>I‘m afraid at this point […]

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