Internal Dialogue

How do we communicate with ourselves? Are we positive, optimistic and full of inspiration? Or is our personal narrative lacking confidence and hope?

In this area we can focus on positive affirmations. Making life changing decisions, realising our greatest ambitions and dreams.

“Our thoughts are our world” Our life our future is in OUR hands, how we see the world how we see our lives that’s how it will be, it’s how it is. So making the right decisions and having the determination and faith to follow them through to the end, can and will dramatically change our present reality. It can take a long time sometimes even years to change,to bring about the positive changes in our lives that we want… ‘BUT’ the decision to do so happens in a moment!!, it’s the thinking, the hesitation that holds us back.

Think about it for a moment, all our decisions that we followed, were quick… done in a flash!

English Language Reference:Negotiations- The Language of Diplomacy.

In this blog we are looking at the language of diplomacy. When negotiating, diplomacy and polite language are  key tools in keeping the negotiation both, polite, and professional. Your choice of language can have a powerful effect on the outcome of a negotiation. For example, compare the following: We reject your offer.>I‘m afraid at this point […]

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