Simon Michael Murphy Native English Teacher. Angol Tanár Budapest.

Amit ma tanulsz, azt használd is ma!

Kezdő, haladó és felsőfokú nyelvoktatás anyanyelvű Brit Cambridge University Certified ( CELTA ) nyelvtanártól.
A tanfolyam előtt szintfelmérés.
Egyéni oktatás egyedi árszabással telefonos egyeztetés után.

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English Language Reference:Negotiations- The Language of Diplomacy.

In this blog we are looking at the language of diplomacy. When negotiating, diplomacy and polite language are  key tools in keeping the negotiation both, polite, and professional. Your choice of language can have a powerful effect on the outcome of a negotiation. For example, compare the following: We reject your offer.>I‘m afraid at this point […]

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Online English Language Teaching – Brief Overview:Part 1

The content of online English lessons varies greatly but the focus should always be on student speaking. Try to minimize ...

English Language Reference Grammar: Part 1 -Conditionals (past reference)

We can use if to speculate about the likely effects of things being different in the past. We often use this ...