English Language Reference- Reading Articles Is A Great way to Practise Reading Skills, Develop Comprehension Of Texts And To Discover New Words/Vocabulary. Part 1

When teaching or learning English the reading and study of articles is an important aspect of the process, for both teacher and student. Articles give the opportunity to explore a new topic using the  English language. It offers a great way to learn words that might not be within your usual vocabulary base. eg. if you … Read more

English Language Sayings And Proverbs: Part 2

  As I explained in part 1 of this blog post- native speakers are always using some form of saying or proverb. They are also often used in writing and in presentations. Although when giving a presentation one ……should consider who the audience is. For example in presentations given to international audiences one must take … Read more

English Language-Sayings And Proverbs : Part 1

              Native English Speakers often use sayings and proverbs when making comments on certain situations, experiences or to support an opinion. In fact native speakers love to use sayings and proverbs. Both for the purpose of humour and to emphasize a point. Below is the first part of a list  I will post on my … Read more

English Language Reference- The Language of Literary Criticism:Part 1

This post is a glimpse into the world of literary English. In this area of the English language we encounter a very flowery and poetic style. We see imagery, figures of speech, metephor, simile, metonymy, allegory, personification and pathetic fallacy. We are confronted by patterns of sound such as assonance, alliteration and onomatopoeia. We also see … Read more