Rólam/About Me

Over 35 years experience in teaching. 15 of these years focused on teaching English as a second language.

Teacher, Philosopher, Writer and Life Coach.
University of Cambridge okleveles nyelvoktatója. Certified English Language Teacher.

Simon Michael Murphy

                           Cambridge University  

I specialise in various areas of English Language Teaching. Such as- Business English,Legal/Law English, English for giving Presentations, for Negotiation and General English for everyday use. I have been teaching in Budapest since 2007.

I have extensive experience teaching a wide range of subjects, themes and specific areas of the English language, I can teach the most appropriate English for a Lawyer, a Politician, an Executive and all other fields of professional life here in Hungary and Budapest. I teach professionals everyday. I also teach students , graduates and post graduates who are just at the beginning  of  their careers. I can also just help you improve and develop what you already know.

I know the English language and I can teach You to know it too. Yes of course many people can speak English as a second language but many do not know how to Use English in the most effective way. This is what I can bring to the classes. This is what I can share with you.

Please feel free to contact me.

Mobile : +36 30 848 8461

Email: simon@okenglishbudapest.com

Skype: simon.murphy108