English Language Reference:Negotiations- The Language of Diplomacy.

In this blog we are looking at the language of diplomacy. When negotiating, diplomacy and polite language are  key tools in keeping the negotiation both, polite, and professional. Your choice of language can have a powerful effect on the outcome of a negotiation. For example, compare the following: We reject your offer.>I‘m afraid at this point … Read more

English Lesson On : How To Write Forceful Emails

This was a class I gave recently. The core purpose of this class was to cover language that gives the student of the English language information and techniques on how to be ASSERTIVE yet polite when speaking or writing emails. In this lesson students learnt how to make their message stronger. Being strong or direct does … Read more

Mediation, Conflict Management, And Using The English Language

Words can calm a situation…like pouring water on fire. Or they can make things much worse ..like petrol on fire. Choose your words carefully and deliver them professionally and enjoy the results. Learn vocabulary, expressions and phrases that help to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings. Saying the right thing at the right time and understanding both … Read more

How to give a presentation / How to structure a talk.

This morning I gave a class on words and expressions for linking ideas and information in a talk or presentation. When we give talks, presentations or write in formal English, we use linking words to connect ideas or information and help the listener or reader anticipate what is coming next. This helps communicate the message clearly and … Read more