English language Quick Test : Check your level.

 Past Tense Test: Put the verb in brackets in the correct form in the spaces below..


1. Last week we …….. on holiday. (GO)

2. The weather ……… very good. (BE)

3. But it …………. on the last day. (RAIN)

4. We ………… in a big hotel near the sea. (STAY)

5. In the morning, we ….. breakfast on the beach. (HAVE)

6. We ……… alot of time on the beach. (SPEND)

7. One day we …… on a bus to the top of a hill. (TRAVEL)

8. It ……very hot up there. (BE)

Vocabulary Test : Put the correct word or phrase a-h in the spaces below in 1-8

a) sense of humour           b) self discipline     c) high moral standards

d) determination    e) assertive     f) loyalty    g) tolerance

h)  trustworthy

1. They said it was because of hard work and                   that John could climb to the top of the highest mountain.

2. He has a great                          , he is always joking  and making us laugh.

3. Monks must have very                             to live in the temple, they can’t live there if they don’t have them.

4. Mum said my brother is very                and honest, thats why she knows he didn’t steal the money.

5. The sportsman is always strong and healthy, because he has

alot of                  . He always gets up early in the morning to exercise.

6. The men give their              to the football team they support.

7. You need to be loud and                 , if you want the noisy children to stop playing and listen to you.

8. The doctor said Jane had alot of                    , thats why she never complained about the pain in her back.

If it was a little difficult you are probably an Intermediate or lower level in your English language knowledge.

If it was easy then you are Intermediate and above.

Good luck with your English language learning


Ok English

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