English Language Reference Part 1: What’s it like?; nouns & quantity

What’s it like?

This question asks about  the characteristics of people or things. You usually answer it with an adjective or adjective phrase.

” What’s London like?” “It’s big and exciting.”

“What are the people in your village like?” “They’re very friendly”.

Countable nouns

These refer to things which can be counted. You use them with a/an or put a number in front of them. You usually form the plural by adding -s, -es, -ies.

a car– 54 cars

a crow – 108 crows

a church- 7 churches

a country- 64 countries

Note: A few common countable nouns have irregular plural forms.

a child – two children

a foot – two feet

a man – two men

a mouse – two mice

a person – two people

a tooth- two teeth

a woman- two women

Uncountable nouns

These refer to things which cannot be counted. You cannot use a/an or put a number in front of them.

advice  food  furniture  information   love   music   rain   traffic   travel   weather   work


These are ways you can talk about quantity if you can’t or don’t want to use an exact number.

With countable nouns: (only) a few/ (far) too many /

How many…?

There were only a few people who saw them.

How many e-mails do you get everyday ?

With uncountable nouns: (only) a little/ (far) too much/ how much…?

There’s a little water left but no juice.

How much sleep do you get at night ?

With countable and uncountable nouns: a lot of/ lots of/ not enough

There are a lot of problems with this plan.

There was lots of good food at the party.

She didn’t give me enough information

Ok so that was a quick look at some English grammar. Read through it, think about it and remember it. It is useful information.

Good luck with your English Language Leaning.


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