English Language Synonyms. Part 2.

So on the last post we looked at a few synonyms  of words beginning with the letter ‘a’.

Part 2 of this post will give examples of words beginning with ‘b’ and their synonyms.

basis / foundation / base / bedrock

beat / batter / pound / pummel / lash / hammer

beautiful / pretty / handsome / attractive / lovely / good-looking / gorgeous

become / get / go / turn                    

big / large / great

bill / statement / account / invoice / tab / check

bitter / pungent / sour / acrid / sharp / acid

border / boundary / line / frontier

boring / dull / tedious / uninteresting / dry

bottom / base / foundation / foot

break / rest / breather / breathing space / respite / time out

bright / brilliant / fluorescent / luminous / vivid / vibrant

broken / out of order / broken-down / on the blink

build / construct / assemble / erect / set something up / put something up / put something together

building / property / premises / complex / structure / block / edifice

burn / char / blacken / scald / scorch / singe

OK so there’s a few examples of synonyms for words starting with ‘b‘. Some of them are quite easy and you probably already knew them but some may not be so clear for example why is foot a synonym of bottom? Or why are complex and block synonyms for building?

So go through all of the above examples and if some are not so clear please check your dictionary and see why the synonyms are there, and become more familiar with them.


When writing or giving presentations synonyms are very useful. They are a language tool that allows you to use more variety in either an essay or speech so that you can say the same thing several times, but in a different way using a synonym. This way you don’t have to sound repetitive or boring but can bring life and colour to your English language. And as I have said many times before sound professional!

Well good luck with your English language learning


Ok English

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