Skype classes

Due to convenience,  or not having a native English teacher in your area, or just for cheaper rates, more and more people are using online language learning as a way to improve their English language knowledge. Skype is one online teaching tool that is very popular.

So of course I also offer English classes using Skype. Although it’s not a face to face class it is still a very effective way to improve your English. It is perfect for someone who wants to develop their speaking/conversational skills and improve pronunciation.

It is also great for preparing for a job interview that will be in English. These days many interviews are conducted either by phone or on Skype. So if you are preparing for a job interview we can role-play a typical job interview style with all the relevant questions and answers a job interview requires.    

So add me to your Skype contacts and contact me if you would like English classes on Skype: simon.murphy108

Good luck with your English language learning.


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