Explore The English Language In a Way That is Relevant to Your Profession.

There are many areas of language that require knowledge of typical expressions, phrases and style.
For example:

  • Law legal expression and vocabulary:
    To abandon an action, according to law, arbitration, arbitration clause, assessment of damage, assignment attorney – proxy holder, authenticate, to award a contract, bankruptcy, bankruptcy petition, to be in force, bilateral agreement, binding, breach of contract, to break an agreement, to break the law, liability in contract, licensee, lien creditor, limitation period, magistrate – judge, mortgage, notary public, notice, to notify, omission, partial agreement to patent  …… etc
  • Military
    Acronyms, terminology and delivery of speech.
  • Finance
    Latest phrases and jargon of the world of commerce.
    In this course we will concentrate on Business English. How to improve your skills in: speaking on the phone, in conference calls, attending meetings and giving presentations, writing emails and important documents.
  • Marketing and Sales
    In this course we can focus on different expressions used in the English Language to promote or sell.
    Combined with all other relevant areas of Business English.
  • Medical language