Writing Emails In English With The Professional Touch

So to carry on from yesterday’s blog :

2. To write professional emails :

When writing emails there are two different styles ; one is formal and the other is informal.

With Formal emails/letters there are NO phrasal verbs!

In formal/professional correspondence we do not use phrasal verbs, we use a more sophisticated language.

It is important to be able to state clear, firm requests, demands and questions in a formal email without sounding rude.

Sentences with ‘I would’ can make a demand sound less direct. The structure- I would be grateful if you could/ would…is used to request an action:

– I would be grateful if you could confirm that you  will rectify the problem.

– Would you mind…is a polite way of introducing a request. It is often used with please and always needs a question mark:

– Would you mind sending the email again, please?

Make indirect questions with phrases such as I wonder, do you know. Could you tell me, followed by if/ whether or a question word ( who, what, etc) :

– Could you tell me how much it will cost?

. I wonder if you could tell me how much it costs?

Ok more to follow on this area of English language tomorrow.

Thanks for your attention. Once again good luck with your English language Learning.


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